2GT3 Snow White and the Huntsman LC


Monday, January 20th

Listening Comprehension

Trailer of Snow White and the Huntsman


Do you hear that? Q

Sound of battles fought and lives lost? Q

It once pained me to be the cause of such despair Q

But now their cries give me strength Q

beauty is my power Q

Mirror, Mirror on the wall who is fairest of them all?”Q

You are the fairest M
but there is another destined to surpass you” M

Consume her heart and you shall live forever! M

Find me someone who doesn’t fear the dark forest to hunt her down Q
“Why is she of such value?” H
“That is none of your concern!” Q

If I refuse?” H

Lips red as blood Q

Hair black as night Q

Bring me your heart my dear dear Snow White Q

Queen (Q) Hunter (H) Mirror(M)

HW Learn the script / practice different voices

Be ready for oral on Thursday

  • EX voc/gramm
  • Beeoclock.wordpress.com
  • Wordreference.com
  • freedictionary.com

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