Friday, January 10th


Final project: create a twisted fairy tale ( video, illustrated story or written production. )

Intro session: video study

A fairy* tale* is a story* for kids.
A twisted* fairy tale can be a parody or an adapted / modern / revisited version of an old tale / classic magical story.
It’s a trailer* of a film called ‘Enchanted’.
In the beginning* it shows us extracts from* famous* Disney films.
First* there are cartoons but then* it’s in New York.
The characters* are a prince and a princess.
There’s also a witch*.
The story takes place* both in New York and in an imaginary land.
I think the prince or the ordinary guy saves the princess in a tower.
There is a dragon.
Fiction is mixed with* reality.
It starts with* ‘Once upon a time*’ and ends on* ‘ they lived happily everafter.*’
The witch sends* the princess to* our world.
The ordinary guy can’t believe she’s a real princess contrary to his daughter.
The squirrel speaks, his name is Pip. The princess’s name is Gisele.

a trailer: une bande annonce
an extract from: un extrait de
famous: connu / célèbre
in the beginning: au début
in the beginning: au début
in the end: à la fin
a character: un personnage
to mix sthg with: mélanger à
twisted: modifié
it starts with / ends on : ça commence par, finit par
a witch: une sorcière
a dwarf: un nain
a squirrel: un écureuil
HW: ex. on doc


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