201 203 Poster study correction

Tuesday, December 10th.

Awareness Campaigns poster study.

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 17.17.19


Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 17.18.45 Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 17.19.56 Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 17.27.27 Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 17.34.25

 Monday, Tuesday 10th.

Poster N°1 shows a deer standing on top of a waste dump. It’s striking because the deer is made of rubbish. It’s dark and moving. It wants us to realize that if we don’t recycle our rubbish, animals’ habitats will disappear and wild animals will die.

Poster N°2 represents an ice cream which looks like a penguin. It’s melting so it symbolizes the melting of the ice cap which is the penguins’ habitat. It wants us to be aware that if we don’t act now, wild species will go extinct.

There’s an elephant on poster N°3. It’s made of letters that look like a skeleton. It represents the idea that if animals disappear, their names will only remain for the next generations just like the dodo.

Poster N°4 shows Barack Obama in the future. He looks old because his hair is white. It tells us that if politicians don’t act now, it will be to late. It’s a warning. It criticizes / blames the politicians for not acting in time.

Poster N° 5 represents an ordinary light bulb whose shadow is shaped like a skull. It means that if we don’t turn / switch off our lights, energy is wasted and we should use energy saving light bulbs instead of ordinary one. It’s a straightforward recommendation.


  • to want so. to + BV: vouloir que qq’un fasse qqchose.
  • to react: réagir
  • to be aware of sthg: être conscient de qqchose
  • straightforward: direct
  • a deer: un cerf
  • made of : fait de
  • shaped like: en forme de
  • wast/rubbish: déchets
  • a dump: un dépottoir
  • efficient: efficace
  • useful: utile
  • to represent: représenter
  • to show: montrer
  • I think that … je pense que
  • it means: cela veut dire
  • a catch phrase: une accroche / un slogan
  • a skull une tête de mort
  • to go extinct / to disappear: disparaître
  • to look + adj: avoir l’air + adj
  • to look like sthg: ressembler à qqchose.
  • dark: sombre
  • moving: émouvant
  • will + BV: to express predictions
  • in which: dans le/laquelle
  • to blame so. for + Ving: critiquer qq’un pour avoir fait qqch
  • to waste sthg: gâcher qqchose
  • a skeleton: un squelette
  • Grammar points: to look like sthg ressembler à / to look + adj avoir l’air + adjwhose: du/de laquelle in which: dans le/laquellewhich + objet # who + person > qui to want so. to do sthg: vouloir que qq’un fasse qqchose

HW – revise vocab + CE method for FRIDAY test

HW- for Thursday describe / comment 2 new posters:

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 17.55.57




Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 17.50.54





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