Tutoring Session 2 Théo/Guillaume + homework.

Tutoring Session 2


Present perfect = auxiliary have / has + past participle (irr / rég.)

> to express a link between past and present (consequence, impact, past experience…).

Ex- My father has chosen a beautiful jacket for me.


* 2 ways to say ‘depuis’ : since / for ? *

We use SINCE for starting points.

We use FOR for durations.


Ex- She has been* a teacher since 1995.

They have lived abroad* for 5 years.

I have known* him for six months.

They have been married* for 2 years.

He has had* this car since last September.


* 2 ways to say ‘déjà’ : ever / already ?*

Ever is for interrogations / ?

Already is for affirmations. / .


*encore = yet

*abroad= à l’étranger


Ex- I haven’t read this book yet.

He has already eaten snails. > déjà

She has just won a cup. > vient juste de

He has been a teacher for 2 years. > duration

You have never met any movie stars. > jamais


  1. Jason has traveled all over world. (expérience passé, indéfinie dc present perfect)
  2. He has visited a lot of Eu countries. (expérience passée indéfinie dc present perfect)
  3. He has been to Greece. (ex passée > indéfinie dc present perfect)
  4. He went there 2 years ago. (il y a 2 ans, dc date précise dc prétérite)
  5. He visited Spain last year. (precise date dc prétérite))
  6. He has gone to Finland. (past experience, il est toujours pas revenu)

Warning! : 1 tps composé en anglais (present perfect) = 1 tps simple en français (présent)

Ex- I have been a tecaher for 10 years. = Je suis prof depuis 10 ans.

Warning!: 1 tps simple en anglais (preterite) = 1 tps composé en français (le passé composé)

EX. Guillaume broke his arm = G. s’est cassé le bras.

Pour traduire:

Preterit / simple past = passé composé

has worked = présent



HW- Complete the following Grammar Memo.

PDF file Grammar memo

openoffice file Grammar mémoScreen Shot 2013-11-26 at 19.19.04  Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 19.19.17 Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 19.19.26




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