2GT4 -Global WarNing! Session 2 – WWF Video study

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Friday, November 15th.

WWF video to raise awareness.

Group A – 2GT4

Marie “This video is an animated drawing about Global Warming. We can see the world with factories.

Naouale “We produce 23 billion tons of CO2 per year / in one year.

Matha “There are 13 men on this image. The title says there are 6.5 possibilities.”

Marie “There are 6.5 billion people on the planet so if we all do something we can save the planet.

Léa “There is 1 billion vehicles on the planet so we pollute too much.(#too many > dénombrable)

Julie “ We should take the bus, cycle / ride a bike or carpool instead of driving cars. “

Naouale “We have to change our habits. (have to + bv / should + BV / must + BV > strong recommendation)

Lucas + Thomas “There are red angry / mean faces on factories and oil plants. They both produce toxic fumes. It’s raining. “

Ruchalini “The red angry factories are changed into green happy factories. The oil plants have become

wind turbines and organic corn is growing up.”

Naouale “The weather is sunnier. Thanks to new technologies the planet will survive / get better.

Romain “Thanks to solar panels the world will survive.”

Marie “Ordinary light bulbs consume 9 times more and last 10 times less than energy effcient bulbs.”

Marie Léa Naouale Ruchalini “This video is raising awareness about Climate change. It makes us aware of Global Warming.”

It warns us about Global Warming.

Friday, November 15th.

WWF video to raise awareness.

Grp B

Fatou: This image both shows that there is a lot of CO2 and we are responsible for it. .
Leslie: There are 6.5 billion people on the planet so everybody can do something to save it.

Jennifer: Everybody drives cars which creates too much pollution. (#too many > dénombrable)
Charlene: This image shows traffic jams
Barthélémy: To save the planet we should take the bus, cycle, or carpool instead of driving a car.
Romain: There are factories. There are three oils plants. They are both responsible for the greenhouse effect. Because of them both, there are clouds and rain.
Leslie: because of factories, it’s raining.
Joana: Both the factories and the oil plants have changed into green corn or bamboo plantations. The weather is sunnier.
Leslie: Wind turbines have replaced oil plants.
Thomas: We should use new technologies. (Hybrid cars, solar panels, energy efficient light bulbs…)
Dylan: Bath consumes more water than shower. Showers are more eco-friendly, we should take a shower instead of having a bath.
Loic : there are new ideas to (pour faire qqchose TO (# FOR : pour qq’un) protect the planet. Solar panels are a new and good idea to protect the environment.
Thomas.L: Ordinary light bulbs consume 9 times more energy than energy efficient bulbs. And it lasts 10 times less.
Killian: This document is an awareness video, it warns us about the dangers of climate change.

Romane: I like the video because it has a nice music.
Jennifer: It’s a good idea
to urge people to do something.

HW learn new voc + readng comprehension 1 Prepare one sentence about what you understand of the text.


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