Jury’s reactions!

Listening Comprehension / Video Study

Watch and take notes!

1- What do you know about the contestant? (Age, name, where from?)

2- What does he / she look like? (Describe physical appearances)

3- What do you expect to hear?

4- So, react!

Willie Jones

Willie Jones is 17 years old, he comes from Shreveport, Louisiana. He’s a contestant in the X Factor.

There’s nothing to do in Shreveport so he goes to the mall with his friends to have a good time. He didn’t come here to loose. It’s a fourteen-hour drive from Louisiana. Singing is what he was born to do. His family is very supportive.

to look like so or sthg: ressembler à qq’un ou qqchose

He looks like the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. He looks like Will Smith or an R’n’B singer.


to look + adj: avoir l’air

He looks young, classy, stylish. He’s swag! He’s cute!

to expect so. to do sthg: s’attendre à ce que qq’un fasse qqchose

We expect him to sing R’n’B or a song by Michael Jackson.

He sings a country song. This is not what we expected. His voice is really low.

“Willie Jones, you are an absolute original!

“It’s perfect!”

“That was amazing! ”

“I was very surprised, I wasn’t expecting that and I think it’s very original of you to do what you just did.!”

“What I like about you is that you’re really likeable.

Anna Graceman

Anna travelled accross the continent for her moment in the spotlight. She is 11 and she comes from Juno, Alaska. She’s a singer and a pianist. She practices before school and when school is over she practices some more. She doesn’t know what she would do without music. It’s amazing for her to have this opportunity to perform for so many people. She’s scared. She hopes she’s gonna do a good job.

We expect her to sing classical music like opera or just play the piano. Maybe she’s gonna sing pop music.

“Waw” “You’re amazing! You really are ! That is such a surprise that is locked inside this beautiful little girl!

“Decibels per inch that is the loudest noise anyone’s ever made on this show!”

“That is raw talent I mean you’ve got amazing promise!”

“This is something that can’t be learnt! You either have it or you don’t! It’s an amazing gift that you have!”

“Thank you for being here!”

Andrew De Leon

He looks scary. He has dark make up on and he wears fluorescent lenses on his eyes. He looks like a zombie or a vampire. He wears black skinny jeans and a leather jacket.

Growing up, Andrew was a huge fan of Marylin Manson. He felt like an outsider. He was alienated at school because he was never interested in athletics or what everybody else was interested in. He’s never sang in front of anyone before not even his family. So it’s a huge step for someone like him. Maybe his days of being shy and an outcast have reached their end. He’d like to really show what he can do.

He’s gonna sing heavy metal or something like Marylin Manson. We expect him to sing rock for sure.

Actually he sings an opera song.

“Rough day at the office? I know the feeling… ”

You’ve got an unusual look!

Well done!

That’s talent!

You must have taken voice training or something!

Not at all, I’m self-taught!

Please don’t say you’re not good at anything because you’ve got an amazing voice and you are an individual!

It’s not that you are good at anything, you are great!

Carly Rose Sonenclar

Carly is 13, she comes from New York. She loves music. She’s waiting backstage with her parents. Her mother is a graphic designer and her dad is a copywriter but she wants to be a superstar. If she gets 4 yeses her mum will be the proudest mum in the world but she already is.

She feels very nervous but she thinks nerves are a good thing.

The judges are surprised. They think she picked a difficult song. They ask if she rehearsed and if she picked the song herself.

“Waw! Mistang! You are a little diva! You are unbelievable! I wasn’t expecting that and you can see all of us are completely in love with you!

Honey, you may be thirteen but your soul is old!

That’s not you singing! Somebody is behind the screen singing for you!

You have soul! I really really really like you!

I wanna buy your music right now!

You’re also really really confident and it’s like effortless for you, which blows my mind because you’re only thirteen!

I’m obsessed!


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