UNIT 1 – Corrections

Dorian would like to be in / to take part in Survivor because he likes / enjoys / is crazy about sports and competition.

Nicolas thinks that in these Reality TV shows people don’t show their best side .

A contestant of Survivor had a accident and he has scars forever / is scarred forever.

He criticizes these Reality TV shows because the contestants are stereotyped.

Scenario 1-
Dinner’s ready !

I am watching TV ! Big Brother is on and it’s not over yet!

It’s dinner time ! Eating is more important than watching TV!

Please, let me watch my show !

What are you watching?

It’s entertaining and funny!

No, I’ll eat later! Reality shows are relaxing after a long day at work!

So your TV show is more interesting than your family life! My family life is boring, the people in my show look happy and are good-looking, contrary to you! Leave me alone!“



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