Reality TV CO corrections + vocabulary

CO 1 2 3 Transcripts all three transcripts with colours and voc lists ready to print!

CO 1 – Transcript – Americans Captivated by ‘Reality Television’

Americans have been captivated by a new kind of entertainment called “reality television.” More than two dozen reality shows are on the air so far, and more are in the works.

Each week, ordinary people appear in unusual situations, trying to win $1 million, going out on a date with a stranger, or displaying their abilities in on-air talent shows.

“OK, thank you, Chip. Your audition was very, very corny.”

American Idol’s Simon Cowell, a London-based music producer, tells VOA the program searches for talented singers, awarding the best with a recording contract. A judge on the program, Mr. Cowell produces a similar show in Britain called Pop Idol, and says he’s never shy about bursting anyone’s bubble. In fact, he’s brutally honest. “Yeah I mean, I’ve been doing auditions for probably 25 years, and they are to tell the truth. And unfortunately, most people who turn up are dreadful,” he says. “And I tell them.”


  • entertainment (n): divertissement
  • Reality TV: télé réalité
  • a show: une émission
  • a winner: un gagnant
  • a looser: un perdant
  • a stranger: un inconnu
  • an ability: une capacité / a talent / a skill
  • an award: une récompense
  • a judge: un juge
  • a contestant: un candidat
  • entertaining (adj) : divertissant
  • unusual: inhabituel
  • ordinary: ordinaire
  • Corny / cheesy : mélo-dramatique / tire-larme
  • shy: timide
  • honest: honnête
  • to show / to display : montrer
  • to win: gagner
  • to loose: perdre
  • to go on a date: aller à un rendez-vous (amoureux)
  • to search for / to look for: rechercher
  • to award someone with something: récompenser quelqu’un avec quelque chose.
  • to be captivated by: être captivé par…
  • to be on the air: être diffusé
  • to be able to do sthg: être capable de faire qqchose.

CO 2 – The Big Brother House!

It’s a house like no other ! Where 53 cameras follow your every move and 98 microphones capture your every word! This is the Big Brother House! Tonight a new group of houseguests will enter this house with one goal in mind: to be the last one standing. They will live in total confinement, cut off from the outside world. Every week the houseguests compete for food, luxuries and most importantly power! Each week they will vote to evict one of their own, until only one houseguest remains to claim the half million dollar prize. And tonight which four of these big brother legends will be back in the house and how will they change the game? And in a second twist, one of the new houseguests will leave.

to follow: suivre
to capture: enregistrer
to have one goal in mind: avoir un but en tête
to compete for sthg: se battre pour obtenir qqchose
to evict so. : exclure qq’un
a game: un jeu
rules: les règles

CO3 – Amazing Race Canada – The Teams
A2 B1 B2

INTRO by the host.
This is Niagara Falls, Ontario: One of the most beautiful places in the world. Here in Niagara, standing at a staggering one hundred and seventy three feet (173 ft) and pumping out on massive six thousand (6 000) gallons of water per seconds: these are the horseshoe falls! It’s incredible power and celebrated beauty have earned it a place amongst the natural wonders of the world. Today, this majestic icon will serve as a starting point for 9 teams in an epic race across this great country. Right now, nine (9) teams from across Canada are being transported by high speed jet boats towards the falls and the starting line.
Each team consists of two people with an existing relationship.

1’36 – Tim and Tim Jr, father and son from Winnipeg.
“I’ve always thought my dad’s superman. I’m super-honoured to be doing the race with my dad. In February 2011, I was officially diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Today there is no cure for it. Five years from now I won’t have the physical capability to do this race. We have a chance to show that just because you’re diagnosed with something, that diagnosis doesn’t have to define your life. “

2’07 – Jamie and Pierre, best friends from Rural Alberta.
We’re both members of the Alberta Rockies Gay Rodeo Association. So that’s where we met. We’ve been best friends for … almost fifteen years (15) it could be? ’til um…
The funny thing about being gay is that we’re good at all those hard things, those things that require a lot of strength but at the end of the day we’re also good at those little things, so you want us to a flower arrange? No problem! We’re going to win the race!
I’ve eve already planned how I’m gonna throw my hat in the air!

2’40- Kristen and Darren, dating White Water Rafters from Fairmont Hot Springs BC .
I think other teams will think that we look like pretty laid-back hippies but that’s not true!
They’re so wrong!
We play outside a lot, everything that we do for fun requires a high level of fitness. We’re used to living simply, wearing the same clothes days in and day out, not being perfectly clean all the time.
Our dream is to create an eco-village, basically an off-the-grid sustainable community.
We’re gonna win!

3’16 Vanessa and Celina, sisters from Ottawa.
We’re best friends but there’s also a mother/daughter component mixed in there too, coz I’m 9 years older than her.
We’re girls, we love to do our nails, we love to do our make up, we love to do our hair but you know behind all that we’re strong, down-to-earth girls.

3’45- And Jody and Cory, brothers from Kitchener.
I think my brother’s the perfect partner. If you just look at him you get motivated.
In 2006 I was deployed in Afghanistan as a sniper team leader. I was wounded when I stepped on a anti-personal landmine. I blew off my right foot and shattered my left leg.
I thought when he was hurt that he may change but he’s still Jodi, he’s still my brother.
Here I am with my brother, we’re about to do the Amazing Race, like who could have imagined? A lot of my motivation is to show that I can do it and someone like me could do it.


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