2GT 3 & 2GT4 Unit 1 Session 3 Let’s argue about Reality TV!

Thursday, September 26th.

Let’s argue about Reality TV!

  • Pairwork challenge 1 – 10 min preparation – Student 1 – You’re a teenager. You’re addicted to Reality TV shows.

    – Student 2 – You’re a parent. You are against Reality TV Shows.

    Scenario. It’s dinner time. Your child is watching a reality TV Show and doesn’t want to have dinner with you. Imagine the argument.

Arguments against Reality TV

– it drives you crazy! (Florian)- you get addicted to it, you forget to do your homework!- you should watch the news instead of watching Reality TV! (Aurélie)
– it doesn’t teach you anything cultural! (Fatou) – you should move your “fat ass” and do some exercise instead of eating in front of TV! (Leslie) – you should help with the housework / the chores! (Florian)

Arguments in favour of Reality TV

– it’s entertaining, funny and relaxing after school

– if you want to be in the know and have something to discuss with your friends! You don’t want to miss out on anything / to know all the gossip

– Some shows teach you how to be self-confident or survive in the wild!


should+ BV: strong recommendation

You should do your homework first! Tu devrais faire tes devoirs d’abord!

instead of + N or V-ing: au lieu de …

You should watch the news instead of Reality TV!

You should do your homework instead of watching TV!

to agree with so. / to disagree with so. : ête d’acc / pas d’acc. avec qq’un.

I agree with you, Reality TV is crap! Je suis d’accord avec toi, le télé réalité c’est nul!

I disagree with you, the news are boring! Je ne suis pas d’accord avec toi, les infos c’est ennuyeux!


– in favour # against : pour / contre

– to argue about sthg: se disputer à propos de qqchose

– to get addicted to sthg: devenir dépendant à

– to forget to do sthg: oublier de faire qqchose

– to watch the news: regarder les infos

– instead of sthg / V-ing: au lieu de qqch/de faire qqchose

– housework / chores: les corvées

– entertaining: divertissant

– to be in the know: être au courant

– to miss out on sthg: être largué

– gossip: rumeur

– self-confident: sûr de soi

– crap (familier): de la m***

– boring: ennuyeux


Joana and Naouale

“Dinner’s ready! Hurry up!”

“Did you do your homework?”

“When I was your age … ”

” You must do your homework straight after school!”

” I cooked your favourite dish, especially for you!”

HW: learn new vocabulary (You’ve got talent! Sessions 1-2-3) + cartoon study

Screen Shot 2013-09-22 at 21.28.10Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 18.54.44Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 18.50.52

1- Find 3 similarities between these cartoons.
(There is / are : il y a // All 3 cartoons show / criticize … )
2- Which character(s) enjoy watching Reality TV shows?
3- Which other TV show is opposed to Reality TV?
4- In cartoon 2, what is the character’s job? How does she feel about Reality TV shows?
5- Imagine what she could say to the other characters. (Find 1 argument.)
6- Which cartoon do you find the funniest? Why?


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