211 UNIT 1 SESSION 1 Sept 19th.

211 – Thursday, September 19th.


Your mission: You are entering a casting for a TV programme of your choice.

Introduce yourself, explain who you are, your likes and dislikes, and why you want to take part in the programme.

Follow instructions and speak for 1.30 minutes.

UNIT 1 – You’ve Got Talent !

Session 1 – Reality TV Shows. What’s your opinion?

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The Bachelor: 1 man / many girls > 1 girl only can win. She must seduce the bachelor to win the game.

The bachelor is supposed to be rich and good-looking. The girls are after money more than after love. They are looking for money, not love.

Alpha thinks it’s a stupid show, because it’s meaningless. It’s not reality.

The contestants are recorded by hidden cameras so we get the impression that they are spontaneous, authentic. But actually they are acting, pretending, faking everything. So what we call ‘reality’ tv is in fact a lie.

News in Tv journals are real.

Big Brother: In Big Brother a lot of people are kept in a house. They are locked inside. In the French version they must keep secrets. It’s the same as a prison.

Privacy, freedom, censureship, fame, instant celebrity are at stake.

The Voice or Britain’s got talent are different because they need people to show their talent, so there’s a good intention.

HW – take notes from the blog

+ questions on small text.

Click here if you lost your HW1!


to win # to loose

a winner # a looser

good-looking: séduisant

more than # less than = plus que / moins que

to look for sthg: rechercher qqchose

meaningless: vide , insignifiant

a contestant: un candidat

a contest: un concours

to record: enregistrer

to be recorded / to be watched: être enregistré / surveillé

to hide, hid, hidden: cacher

* actually : actuellement en réalité

to act : jouer la comédie

to pretend / to fake sthg: prétendre

to be kept in / locked inside: être enfermé

to keep a secret # to reveal a secret: garder / révéler un secret


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