211 SESSION 1 & 2

Friday, September 6th.

2ND11 Lycée Prévert

Miss E. LECATRE beeoclock@gmail.com

school blog beeoclock.wordpress.com



– notebook 90 pages

– full pencil case 4 color pens

– highlighter

– glue stick scissors


4 hours in week A

2 hours week B

Trimester = 10 weeks

2 / 4 sessions in 1 week

1 unit = 8-10 sessions / hours = 4-5 weeks

1 unit = 2 small lesson quiz coef 0.5 (surprise) + 1 eval coef 1 (oral or written) + 1 final project ( solo / group / oral or written) coef 2

1 trimester = 10 notes (including 1 oral +1 written)


1- We mustn’t interrupt the teacher!

2 –We must listen up!

3- We must speak English!

4- We mustn’t chat in French!

5- We mustn’t be late!

6- We mustn’t write on the table!

7- We mustn’t wear headphones, caps or hats when we come in.

8- We mustn’t chew gum!

9- We must do our homework!

10- We must bring our material!


  • Sorry, I don’t understand! Can you repeat please!
  • Can you speak up please! Can you slow down please!
  • I’m lost! Can you help me! Can you explain again!
  • Sorry I’m late ! Sorry I forgot my homework … “

HW: Classroom English ex.

Thursday, September 12th.


Step 1 – Warm up! Rules?

Step 2 – Correct Ex.

Step 3 – Speed-dating. Q/A

typed by Léa

What’s your favourite TV show?

What’s your favourite video games?

What’s your favourite colour/ movie/ singer/ book?

Do you like animals? Do you have any pets?

Do you like sports? Do you play / do / practice any sports?

Where do you live?

How well do you speak English?

Have you ever traveled before? Where did you go? How long did you stay there?

Alpha & Cloé have never traveled before, they like every music style, and the same TV show : My wife and kid. They can be work partners!

3 common points = work partner.

HW : Tell about your speed date. Did you find your partner? Why? (Use Alpha and Cloé’s example.)

Take notes form the blog. beeoclock.wordpress.com


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