203 Session 3 & 4

Tuesday, September 10th.


Activity 1 – Correct EX rules

Activity 2 – Recap Speed dating

Activity 3 – Frank & Dave




1- Contrary to X, / 2- Unlike X, …

3- X …, whereas (tandis que) Y …

(4- X … however (néanmoins) Y …)

Contrary to Dave, Frank is crazy about electro.

Unlike me, Bénédicte loves watching TV.

Dave likes dogs whereas Frank likes cats.

Dave likes dogs however Frank likes cats.



1- S (subject) + both + V(verb)

They both enjoy watching sports on TV.

Didier and I both like playing video games.

We are both crazy about the Vampire Diairies.

2- the same N (noun) as …

We have the same tastes in music.

She likes the same food as I do / as me

3- , so does X / , so is Y… / , (tout comme lui / elle)

Romain enjoys hanging out with his friends, so do I.

Simon loves chocolate, so does Marine.

I’m crazy about pop corn, so is Martin.


4- Vn’t (verb negative form) + neither does X / neither is Y / neither can Y (lui/elle non plus.)

I don‘t like spinach, neither can Chaïma.

Tom isn’t keen on romantic comedies, neither is Arthur.

He can’t stand sushi, neither can I.

HW: Be ready for Placement Test on Tuesday 19th.

Revise: must / mustn’t + classroom voc + likes / dislikes + how to compare.


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